Have you ever seen or stayed in a real ice castle before? According to the folks on Instagram, it is one of the most amazing adventures you'll ever take right here in the U.S.! You don't have to go overseas to explore icicle-marvels, frozen caves, sculptured fountains, ride solid ice slides, sleep in beds fit for the abdominal snowman and dine in the coolest restaurants on the planet...literally. Ice Castles has your winter fairytale scheduled, all you have to do is go.

Ice Castles is a company founded by, Brent Christensen, with the goal of bringing joy to everyone who sees their icy, whimsical creations in Minnesota, Utah, New York, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. Since 2011, it's safe to say Christensen and his team have delivered on much more than bringing, they have provided destinations where individuals, couples, and families can go and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Escape to a winter paradise and embark on a unique vacation experience at one of the five amazing Ice Castles attractions. For tickets, dates, and times of operations go to icecastles.com for more info. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on a few ice castle marvels from each location below:

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