My wife and daughter went down to Holly Beach yesterday and came across dead dolphins. I was wondering if there was a particular disease killing them or what might have caused their deaths. I called Wildlife and Fisheries and learned a lot.

Tiffany Granger

When you spot a Dolphin or sea turtle on the beach you should always call Wildlife and Fisheries. If the animal is still alive they will rescue it. If the animal is deceased there is a lot of work to be done. Here is what happens when a dead dolphin is found.

Wildlife and Fisheries is dispatched to collect skin, teeth, blubber and note the location of the dolphin. Then they remove the head and send all the samples off to various places to be studied. This tells a lot about the animal and over years this data can be used to help dolphins survive. The rest of the dolphin carcass is marked with orange paint. If you see one that has been marked there is no need to report it. A Wildlife and fisheries spokesperson told us that this is the time of year when they find the most dead dolphins. Another one was reported on Little Florida Beach yesterday and it was immediately determine to be a very old dolphin.

Tiffany Granger

Sea turtles should also be reported. When a dead sea turtle is found the entire turtle is collected and sent to the Audubon Zoo is New Orleans for study.

No word on why the dolphins my wife and daughter found died but they will be studied and perhaps the clues can prevent future dolphin deaths.