Five years ago today, I came to work at the Cajun Radio studio's and was shocked to hear the news that Mr. Cliff Newman had passed away.  Cliff was a very nice, caring person who always greeted me with a smile and a hand shake.

Cliff was a well known musician and singer most know for his song "The Grand Prairie Waltz" which he sang with Joe Bonsall and the Orange Playboys.

I remember the first time I ever meet Mr. Cliff.  I was about about 17 years old and I had just started doing a Cajun Show on the air.  I was introduced to him by my dad Dave Soileau.  He told me "So your the one I am hearing on the radio playing my music!".  I said yes sir I am.  He told me thank you so much for playing his records and that I was doing a great job.  Ever since then, we were friends.

I wanted to just take a little time today to pay tribute to Mr. Cliff and post this video of him singing the iconic song "The Grand Prairie Waltz" which ironically is where my dad is from Grand Prairie Louisiana.

We miss you Mr. Cliff!