Medical Marijuana has been legal in Louisiana for years (however there are no legal dispensaries.) Could legal recreational marijuana be far behind?

David McNew/Getty Images

There are a couple of bills in the Louisiana legislature set for hearing today that would take some of the bite out of marijuana possession laws. While neither of these bills would make recreational marijuana use legal; they both are moves in that direction. According to Greg Thompson, of the group "Louisianians for Responsible Reform" says "We need to be smart with our tax dollars, and we're not really keeping the public any safer by spending these exorbitant amounts locking folks up for simple marijuana possession charges."

So do these bills propose? One of them would take simple marijuana possession off the list of habitual offender crimes. This would mean that someone with multiple simple possession arrest would not face lengthy prison terms. The other would shorten time spent in jail for marijuana possession arrest. Neither bill would turn Louisiana into Colorado ....yet.