We found out in August that Crumbl Cookies is officially headed to Lake Charles. The question then became "where is it going to open up in Lake Charles?". Rumors spread around about its new location as more and more places announced they were coming to Lake Charles.

The bakery is located across the nation, with the closest locations in Lafayette and Beaumont. The rumor is that the Beaumont store is the one opening the store here in Lake Charles. Customers can various cookie flavors each week they visit, plus they get wrapped up in the Crumbl Cookie famous pink box. That's why the truck is pink. Last I checked, we still don't know an opening date, but could we have a location narrowed down by where the truck is sitting in a parking lot?

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to Lisa, our private eye picture taker for this article, she found the truck at one of the smaller shopping centers located right in front of Target. Lord, help us. Target and cookies! It's the same little location that had a marine shop and Tiger Nation in it. Obviously, we cannot confirm that THIS is the location, but it is starting to jive with the rumors everyone is hearing. Also, why would you NOT put a cookie place in front of Target? You'd be a fool not to!

Although nothing is confirmed, we can say that the new Crumbl Cookies seems to be headed to the Target parking lot if their truck in this location serves as a giant clue. Still have no idea when it will be open, but at least we have a glimmer of hope!

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