Remember a few weeks ago the fishing team that went viral for stuffing Walleye with weights and fish parts to cheat their way to victory? Well, they've had their first court date and have been indicted on criminal charges.

The charges the two men are facing are 5th degree felonies which in that state could mean up to a year in prison and $2,500 in fines. The other charge each of the men is facing is unlawful ownership of wild animals. That charge comes from the filets the two men allegedly stuffed inside of the fish to hide the weights. If they are convicted of that one, they will no longer be able to have fishing licenses for life. Other charges sprinkled into the case are felony charges, cheating, attempted grand theft and possessing criminal tools. Up until the scandal, the fishing duo had won more than $300,000. Some of those prizes have already been taken from the men in light of the recent cheating scandal. One reportedly failed a polygraph test during one tournament. Go figure.

Lake Erie Walleye Trail
Lake Erie Walleye Trail

Each man pleaded not guilty to the charges and their bail was set at $2,500 each. They were able to post their bail and get out. The pretrial is set for today, so we will hear the outcome soon of this social media viral scandal.

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