We don’t think about all the different scenarios that take place during a hurricane. Like maybe, delivering a baby! According to BRProud, Christina Breaux was in for a big surprise when her water broke while getting ready to evacuate for Hurricane Laura. She was more than a week early. I’m sure panic set in as she was forced to stay in Lake Charles to deliver her baby during a catastrophic hurricane.

Breaux said it was very scary as everyone had to sleep in the hallway and they had to ride the hurricane out as the whole building shook.


Unfortunately, Breaux’s delivery was not easy. Her son had to be put on a feeding tube as his sugar was low. He also had jaundice. Because the storm was so brutal and caused so much damage, the hospital needed to transfer her son immediately to Baton Rouge. The crazy part was that she couldn’t go with him. But, she was determined to find a way to be with her newborn son. I can only imagine how that must have felt. A new mother only will do anything to be with their baby no matter what the conditions are.

I just wanted to be with my baby,” she said. “I couldn’t hold him, I couldn’t touch him, and I was scared for him. - Christina Breaux

Breaux and her toddler hitched a ride praying she would make it to her newborn. Thank goodness for good people, she made it to her newborn.

I didn’t know what we were going to do, my thought was to get [my] baby and figure it out. - Christina Breaux

Sometimes, we think we have it bad until we realize that someone is always going through something worse. Christina and her husband are both out of work, they lost their home, she also gave birth during a deadly hurricane and had her child taken from her, then went on a mission to get to her newborn safely.

They are staying in a motel in Baton Rouge for now and aren’t sure where they are going from there. If you would like to donate to the Breaux family, email Christina at redcmbw81@gmail.com.

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