Here at, we pride ourselves on telling LOCAL stories. You can hear about celebrities anywhere on the web, but you can't always hear about Louisiana stories just anywhere. We're work hard to keep up our own standard of bringing you news about Cajuns for Cajuns.

So what stories got the most traffic this year? What captured your imagination or got you talking? Well, we had a little bit for everyone this year. And we hope 2015 is bigger and better than that.  Thanks for making our radio station and website a part of your day. We can't do it without you!

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    NOLA Announced as Wrestlemania XXX Host City

    If You Smell What the Big Easy is Cooking

    Wrestling's moves may be fake, but the business is very real, and when the WWE announced it would be hosting their sport's championships in New Orleans, Louisiana fans exploded. Hope you were able to get tickets...

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    Sean Ardoin Shoots "Zydeco Happy" Video in Lake Charles

    Brings Mega Hit Home for a Local Audience

    When Sean Ardoin decided to get back into the Zydeco music scene, he did it in a big way. By covering Pharrell Williams' "Happy," he had the perfect song for the Zydeco ethic.  And when he went to shoot a music video about it, he decided to make Lake Charles the star. You're going to know some of these faces.

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    How Much Does a Gator Hunter Make?

    Think You Have What it Takes to Be a 'Swamp Person?'

    It's been a while since "Swamp People" was in its heyday. But even though the show's popularity has waned, people are still interested in what Troy and his boys are doing.  Or rather, they interested in seeing if they can make a buck at it. This is an older story for us, but for whatever reason, it's still one of the most-read posts on our site. Good luck, gator hunters.

  • Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office

    Jeff Davis Eight -- Are the Police Involved?

    Report Compiles New Information on Unsolved Killings

    Since 2005, police have been investigating the death of a group of women now known as "The Jeff Davis Eight." In 2014, a reporter courted controversy by asking if law enforcement personnel may be involved in the killings. It shows that even a decade after the deaths began, they capture the public's imagination in an incredible way.

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    Hear 'Amazing Grace' in Cajun French

    'La Grace du Ciel' Is As Beautiful As You'd Think It'd Be

    Les Amies Louisianaises recorded a Cajun French version of "Amazing Grace" back in the 1990s, and we put it up on our site a few years ago.  But for whatever reason, that post became the most-viewed item on our site by a huge margin this year. It came in waves -- every few months, it would take off again as people became mesmerized it.  It's not hard to see why -- it's one of the most beautiful Cajun French songs ever put to tape.