The first thing I did after reading the story was look to see if Jezebel is another one of those parody sites. Those are sites that basically just make up stories and say they do it for entertainment. If you ask me they are just liars. I found no parody claims at this site. They make some very strong accusations and possibly a strong argument that the eight unsolved murders were committed to cover something up.

Police Line Do Not Cross
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According to the story on Jezebel police and sheriff misconduct and illegal unprofessionalism is reportedly a fact of life in the Louisiana Parish of Jefferson Davis.

The article points to eight unsolved murders in Jefferson Davis Parish and indicates all eight women were prostitutes, knew each other and all knew one Frankie Richard (who was accused but not convicted of murder.) The article indicates that drugs and prostitution were big problems in the parish and that all eight girls knew something they were not supposed to.

The article goes on to state that at least one of the girls knew her death was coming and made arrangements to that end. The startling accusation from the story is that at the heart of the Jennings eight is the story that the women were part of a drug bust gone wrong where a dealer was fatally shot by police in a room full of addicts and soon after, the eight began to die.

Whether the article is true or not; it is disturbing that Jezebel thought it true enough to speak out. Either the site is way off base or there has been a massive cover up in Jeff David Parish.


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