Congratulations to Lauren Heinen, of Jeff Davis Parish. The 32 -year old will make history when she is sworn in on April 5, to become the first female District Attorney in the parish. Heinen will replace Elliott Cassidy, who served as interim D.A. for the parish following the death of District Attorney Kevin Millican in July 2021. will not have to face a runoff, as she won 58% of the vote in the recent March 26 election.

“We’re excited, the parish is excited and I’m looking forward to the next chapter,” Heinen told KPLC. In the meantime according to the procedure, Heinen will be sworn in 10 days after the votes are made official. Planning for this monumental transition between her and Cassidy is now in motion. One of the many things Heinen says she will do as the new D.A. for Jeff Davis is to make sure she is involved with all facets of the job, whether it be in the courtroom or the administration office.

Heinen plans to update all of the technology at the D.A.'s office as well, to ensure she and her team can work each caseload with speed and efficiency. She also wants to improve upon communications inside and outside of her office, especially when it comes to helping victims of crime letting them know they are a priority. Heinen added, “I just look forward to meeting everybody, talking to everybody, and really getting everybody on the same page and understanding that we’re excited.”

What a way to end Women's History Month. We wish her and the residents of Jeff Davis Parish the very best!

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