It started with a two vehicle accident in the inside lane on I-10 westbound just west of Welch. It ended when another vehicle became involved and hit the driver (of one of the first vehicles.) The Lafayette man was pronounced dead on the scene a little after ten last night (2/11/15) according to a press release by the Louisiana State police.


George Burns (a 43 year old man from Iota) was struck from behind by 68 year old Gus Gallet of Lafayette. Gallet's 2012 Toyota Tundra became connected to the receiver hitch of the 2002 Dodge pickup being driven by Burns. The vehicles were stopped in the inside (left) lane. The rear vehicle driver turned on his flashers but the vehicles were left in the travel lane while the drivers exited to the median.

That's when 61 year old Albert Charles Nelson of Lake Charles (driving a 207 Toyota Prius) sideswiped the Toyota Tundra and struck Gallett. Gallett was pronounced dead on the scene by the Jeff Davis Parish Coroner's Office.

Louisiana law requires that crashed vehicles be removed from travel lanes and that drivers slow down and move over when traveling on the interstate and encountering a vehicle with flashers on.

Toxicology test were administered and the investigation continues.



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