You've probably heard this spring's mega-hit "Happy" on pop radio, but Zydeco artist Sean Ardoin is bringing it home with his own music video shot right here in Lake Charles.  You almost certainly know some of the people in it, too.

Sean worked with our sister station, 107 JAMZ, to put this video together.  Ever wanted to see Mayor Randy Roach or KPLC-TV anchor Cynthia Arceneaux dance?  Well, today you get your wish.

This is a great song that goes across all boundaries and music styles to show off Lake Charles in a positive light!  Take some Louisiana flavor, add in a dash of city pride, and give it a beat you can dance to, and you've got "Zydeco Happy!"

Sean's not selling the song -- it doesn't appear on any album, and if you want a copy, he's giving it out for free.  (Text "getkool" to 88704 to get a link to download it at no charge.  Your standard texting rates do apply.)  It's just something he wanted to do to highlight his culture and his hometown, and we love it!

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