On Sesame Street, born and raised...

There were no cabs with licenses plates that said Fresh or had dice on the mirror when Bert and Ernie first met, but everything else is pretty much the same. We're guessing Bert is the Fresh Prince in this situation, which would mean Ernie is either Jazzy Jeff or Carlton.

We'll have to wait and see how he dances to be sure.

Here are the full lyrics to the parody:

Now this is a song all about how
My life got flipped, turned up eyebrow
Won’t take long, just a minute you see
We’ll tell you how we became
Bert and Ernie.

On Sesame Street born and raised
Learning letters, numbers --
Singing Sunny Days
Growing up, moving, flying the coup
Said buh-bye to my Mommy,
off to 1-2-3 stoop.

There I met a grouch who didn’t smell too good
Told me to – Scram!
Leave the neighborhood
It was then I remembered what my mom used to say --
Keep your head up, be kind,
and you’ll find your way!

I said “hello” when I got near.
He said --“Oh what’s that,”
I’ve got a banana in my ear.
Wanna be friends who laugh, learn, and share?
Ernie pointed to the seat and said,
“Sit right there!”

Showed him my paperclips,
He thought they were great.
Introduced him to Rubber Duckie as our new roommate.
One half of a whole,
One part of a pair
That’s the story of how we became,
Ernie and Bert --
Put it there!

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