2020 was a tough year for us all and especially for local restaurant owners. Dealing with a stay-at-home order for a few weeks, a pandemic and two hurricanes, local businesses owners dealt with a lot.

On top of all the stuff we alluded to above, the boys of Mr. Bill's Seafood Express also dealt with the total devastation of their restaurant in Hurricane Laura. Mr. Bill's Seafood Express is known for their hospitality, volunteering in our community and McNeese State University athletics, and delicious food.

Chad Pousson and Jason Guillory, owners of Mr. Bill's Seafood Express, are also known for their boiled crawfish. Their restaurant has been closed up since late August when Laura hit Lake Charles.

Well, big news came over the weekend, as two local restaurateurs are teaming up to give you the ultimate Cajun food experience at BeauxDines'. The owners of BeauxDines' announced via their Facebook Page that they have partnered up with Chad Pousson and Jason Guillory of Mr. Bills.

Speaking with Pousson personally, he confirmed they bought into the local restaurant and will become part owners. He also told us they are still working on getting Mr. Bill's Seafood Express rebuilt and plan to open that restaurant back up hopefully by May of this year.

BeauxDines' is located on Ryan Street in Lake Charles just north of Prien Lake Road and features great seafood like boiled crawfish and crabs and other Cajun dishes along with live entertainment on their patio every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.

Photo By Mike Soileau TSM
Photo By Mike Soileau TSM

Mr. Bill's Seafood Express is located on McNeese Street in-between Common and Ryan Streets in Lake Charles. We are looking forward to that joint reopening while still supporting our other locally-owned restaurants.

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