Red beans and rice can sometimes be used to see if your significant other can actually cook. It's an easy enough dish to prepare, quick to do, and can feed quite a lot of people. Although not as judged as a gumbo, jambalaya, or potato salad, it is one of those dishes that if you're going to cook it, you better come correct or leave the kitchen before you get hurt.

I am not saying the flavor of the Brees beans and rice was bad. It could be the best dish anyone has ever made. I will tell you, and so will most of all of the comments, that from the eye's stomach, it looks like thrown up dog food. The post-Taco Bell bathroom trip Brees is calling red beans and rice appears to just be a Dollar Store can of refried beans, honestly.

Comments began to roll in as armchair sous-chefs began to chime in, saying perhaps he didn't pay enough attention to the food while living in Louisiana. My favorite comment was exactly what I was thinking: the accusation of Brees just throwing in a can of Blue Runner red beans and adding a bay leaf to fancy it up.

Either way, we are all lucky he played football better than he cooks it seems.

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