The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a recall on popular powdered baby formula causing a nationwide shortage. Parents with newborns are nervous, and justifiably so. So far four babies were hospitalized when they came down with bacterial infections, in three states. This of course is what prompted the recall and retailers across the country have taken the powdered formulas affected off the shelves. According to reports, the FDA is extremely worried about the bacteria causing babies to get sick.

What Parents and Caregivers Need To Know

1.) The massive infant powdered baby formula recall includes the following brands Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare.

2.) To find out if your baby's powdered formula is part of the recall, look at the bottom of the container. If you see the numbers 22 through 37, this formula is part of the recall.

3.) Look at the expiration date. Any date AFTER April 2022 is part of the recall.

What Parents and Caregivers Could Do 

Dr. Amy Hair, the Director of Neonatal Nutrition at Texas Children's Hospital, says this is the worst infant formula shortage she has ever seen. Dr. Hair said the COVID-19 pandemic made existing manufacturing issues worse. Health experts have a few tips to help new parents deal with the formula shortage.

1.) Consider breastfeeding

2.) Talk to your baby's pediatrician. There is a good chance that they have extra formula on hand that is safe from the recall. If not, they can prescribe a safe alternative for your baby.

3.) It is highly advised by health professionals that parents DO NOT try to make their own formula at home.

4.) Check with smaller stores as they may have supplies to find the formula

5.) Try a Mother’s Milk Bank in your area. They are state-of-the-art facilities that store and prepare pumped breast milk to feed infants in our NICUs. To get through the formula shortage new moms in Louisiana can contact Mother's Milk Bank of Louisiana at Oschner Baptist or new moms in Texas can go to

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