There comes a point in the pursuit of popularity that you can actually tip the scales back the other way. In other words, a person or a product can become so popular that it's no longer considered to be "hip" to speak of that person or product in a positive manner. It happens to celebrities, and sports figures, and I guess we can say it has already happened to Peeps.

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Peeps, the "loveable" marshmallow candies that only seem to see the light of day during the weeks leading up to Easter certainly qualify for that " so popular we have to hate them" position in today's often off-kilter social consciousness.

Still, no matter how much we malign the integrity of this sweet treat it doesn't seem to be doing anything to slow down its popularity. If you were to hazard a guess as to how many Peeps are produced every year, how many would you guess? If you guessed less than two billion, with a "b", then you'd be wrong.

The makers of Peeps, the folks at Just Born Candies say they make enough Peeps every year to circle the globe twice. Especially, when you consider just how tiny each individual Peep happens to be.

We now know that for most of us our relationship with Peeps is a love/hate relationship. Those who really love Peeps are all about them and then there is the rest of us who put Peeps in the same category as Circus Peanuts. We'll be just fine without them but since you're likely to come across a Peep or two or several dozen over the next few days we thought we'd enlighten you on all things Peeps just in time for Easter.

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