Do you cringe when you hear someone say crayfish? I personally do. I ran across a video from the Fish Arizona website that made me just cringe in so many ways. They say that word at lot throughout it. It's basically an instructional video on how to become licensed, catch, and cook said crawfish Arizona style.

In the video, they go over a few ways to catch the little mud bugs. Most of the ways they describe are mostly on the money. Down here, it would be more like catching crabs since they don't have rice fields in Arizona. Either way, their technique seems to work well for them. It includes various examples of traps and even suggests using a hot dog on a string to get them.

According to the article, Arizona has two types of crawfish, one being our typical swamp crawfish we have here and the other being a northern crawfish that lives in fresh water. The color on the freshwater ones seems to be more blue, like the majestic random blue ones we get down here in the South.

The article in question offers a few rules and tips on how to catch them. The one that really struck me as odd was that, although you can catch as many as you want, you cannot leave them alive when you leave the place you caught them. I am assuming this is so they don't populate other areas, keeping in mind most northern states consider them an invasive species.

The video they posted goes through the whole catching process, then moves on to the cooking procedure. The gentleman showing us how to prepare them literally sits and cuts into the head of each one before he goes to cook them. I won't spoil the shock of how he decides to prepare them, but it involves pulling the tail and using a rolling pin to get the meat out. The recipe actually looks good, but for this southern boy, it's mighty strange to watch.

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