Well, here we are a year after our entire world was shut down. Two weeks turned into a month, and that turned into a solid year. We have been through more phases than the moon, or even a growing teenager. We then started modifying phases and most of us just gave up on what phase we were even in.

During a press conference this afternoon, Governor Edwards announced that as of March 3, Louisiana would be moving back into Phase 3 statewide. With more vaccines continuing to be distributed across the state and more on the way, the Governor remarked that he was optimistic but wanted to still continue to be cautious.

So what does this Phase 3 mean? Edwards noted it will be similar to the previous time we were in this phase months and months ago. This includes most businesses, malls, and restaurants moving to 75% capacity, indoor events having no more than 250 people inside, and bars allowing to open with criteria.

Bars in each parish will be able to have 25% capacity and those parishes with a 5% positivity rate would be allowed to have 50% capacity. Religious services will no longer have a capacity in this phase. Gyms and fitness centers will still remain at 50% as before. Alcohol sales will still end at 11:00pm each night throughout the state. Live music will also be allowed indoors as long as the business hosting the live music adheres to the guidelines set in place.

Edwards remarked that the mask mandate will still remain in place for Louisiana due to the increase in capacity and new openings addressed in the new order. He encourages everyone to socially distance and take advantage of as many outdoor activities as possible.

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