Well, this is a new concept for me. It's called the Alice in Wonderland Experience. From what I can tell, think of it as an escape room, but it's outside and located on the streets somewhere in Lake Charles. I say somewhere because the location has yet to be announced.

Alice in Wonderland Experience
Alice in Wonderland Experience

You purchase a ticket to participate in the event, but each ticket gets you and 5 others into the event. You and your team go through the "course" and begin to solve clues. The clues, according to their website, pop up on your phone as you make your way through them. As you solve the clues, you are also helping to save Alice from the crazy Queen of Hearts. As you arrive, you can start anytime you want. The "course" opens up around 9 in the morning and you and your team can go through it at your own pace. The average game, according to their website, lasts between 2-3 hours, and the location where you start is kept a secret until you arrive. They even have prizes for Best Team Name, Best Mini Player, Best Team Picture, Best Themed Dress, and Fastest Team.

Tickets for a team of 2-6 people are $80. That's right. One ticket gets in 2-6 people for the whole game. If you pre-order for the Lake Charles event, you can even get that ticket for half off by using code "Take50" when you check out. You can purchase your tickets HERE from their website and don't forget the discount code to make it even cheaper. I wonder if they understand that being in SWLA, someone is definitely going to be trying to bring in a rolling ice chest for the course.

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