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It's been over 40 days since I received the "all clear" from the hospital after a follow-up MRI. The news of it certainly was a huge relief to me, my parents, family, and friends. Lots of congrats and high fives were all around. After a few days of some amazing rest, I get a call from Baton Rouge General Hospital from their Marketing team.

We would like to know if you'd be interested in participating in a video interview about your experience at Baton Rouge General. We read your articles and think it would make for a great story.

Let's see. You're asking a radio DJ, and only child, if they would like to be the center of attention for a video interview? That answer will always be a yes. It also allowed me to talk about how amazing the staff and doctors are at the hospital.

I met Justin. He's the interviewer and videographer for this little video we are doing. We talk on the phone a bit and do a "pre-interview". I really felt like I was being interviewed for a job at this point, but it went well and I assured him I do know how to talk and tell a story. We set a date and time for the whole video interview, and he emails me the questions that he plans on asking. I have NEVER studied much in my life when it came to school. The set of questions he sent me, I studied forwards and backward. I didn't listen to music or watch TV for a week. I just sat around and recited the answers to the questions. I would drive to work and do the same thing even! Needless to say, I was a smidge nervous.

Buddy Russ
Buddy Russ

Interview day came, and we met up at the station to film. As an amateur videographer and photographer, I was in nerd heaven seeing all of the cool toys he brought with him. We got situated and I sat down. Instantly, I got nervous. I could feel my little chemo brain sputtering and trying to keep it all together. He started asking the questions that I had rehearsed the answers to for over a week. I knew the answers, I knew how I was going to present them down to every last word. Then, my chemo brain took over and erased it all. I had no idea how I was going to answer this stuff, but I said a prayer in my head, and off we went.

The results? He sent me a proof of the video a little over a week ago and asked me not to share it. Sorry, Justin, I shared it with a few family members, and now I get to share it with you. Once again, I appreciate everyone who checked on me during my entire journey and I am doing my best to pay it all forward to those that are going through this stupid disease and their friends surrounding them. I hope some of these stories and words are encouraging. I love you!

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