For real Ball's Fried Chicken fans, we all knew this was coming. For others, it was a shot right to the heart. Ball's Fried Chicken #2 has officially been torn down located on Common Street near McNeese. Ball's did not own the building but leased it. After Hurricane Laura, the building suffered severe damage along with the building next to it that used to be a sports store.

One of the top 5 questions Lake Charles residents have is when the famous local chicken eatery will return, or will it. Seeing one of our favorite places get torn down is a touch disheartening if it will indeed return at all. Luckily, Mike Soileau is BFF's with Reggie Ball and the family and I had him go get the scoop on what was happening.

Tony Naquin
Tony Naquin

Just like the rest of us, two years after Laura we are all still fighting insurance companies for money to repair. The Ball family is going through the same exact thing. Despite this building only being a lease and torn down by the owner, the original Ball's Fried Chicken on Enterprise is slowly being rebuilt but they are still fighting insurance on coming through to get it built back to its full glory.

There has been some action on the building at the Enterprise location, but for die-hard Ball's fans, it just can't get here fast enough. The word is that it will be back, but as for when? No one really knows at this point. We wish the best for the Ball family, and cannot wait for it to return. Personally, I think the Enterprise location tasted better anyway. Not that any of it was bad, there was just something about the Enterprise location that made it oh so much better.

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