A place dedicated to the preservation and protection of wildlife, both flora and fauna, may find itself being closed because some people's children did not learn how to clean up after themselves. It would be a shame to have so many people miss out on this great treasure in our state because of litter but that looks like what could be happening.

A post on Facebook from the Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuges Complex is all you need to see to make your stomach turn. If you are a fan of the outdoors and Louisiana's great natural resources then these photos will make you feel less than wonderful.

Obviously, the first inclination is to ask why would people just leave bags of trash lying at the base of a sign. It's pretty obvious this was not the place to "dispose of properly". Those people need to not be allowed back into our protected areas if we are able to figure out who they are.

I guess it was just too difficult to take those bags of rubbish in the car or truck back to your house or camp to put them in the garbage there. I would imagine the ne'er do wells, in this case, are figuring, "that's someone's job". Well, it is but we don't have enough"someones" in our refuge and parks system to pick up all the trash.

SWLA Refuges Complex via Facebook
SWLA Refuges Complex via Facebook

The last time trash and litter got out of control the refuges were simply shut down for several days so crews could get in and get them clean. The excess trash provides a potential hazard not only for wildlife in the refuges but for the people who want to use those facilities too. Agents say they will close the complexes again if the trash issue becomes too large.

I'd like to think we can do better and just pick up what we brought in and make sure that our fellow outdoors lovers do the same thing. We only have one world, we do need to protect its natural beauty to the best of our ability.

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