As a parent, the last thing you want to hear is there was a shooting at your child's school. This country is going through and has gone through so much tragedy and drama, we all need a break. Sadly, more tragedy struck as a 15-year-old sophomore reportedly opened fire at his Michigan high school today (Tuesday.) Authorities said the student, shot and wounded 8 students, a teacher, and fatally wounded 3 other students.

During a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said investigators were looking into allegations that there was threats of a shooting were circulating on social media. That he couldn't point to that being a motive until the investigation was complete. The shooting at Oxford High School took place in the town of Oxford, Michigan. The small community is 30 miles from Detroit and has a population of roughly 22,000 people. McCabe to reporters "He fired multiple shots," McCabe said. "Somewhere in the area of 15 to 20."

Oxford High has a student body of 1,700 and the shooting took place in the middle of the day at 1pm in the afternoon. The shooter was a student and was taken into custody without further incident. School resource officer was on the scene and was able to subdue the suspect.

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