Every holiday season the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office implements its Annual Robbery Prevention Mobilization at the Prien Lake Mall. During the next few days, folks will be getting out to the stores looking to fill those Christmas list wishes and unfortunately, some become a target for robberies. The theft comes with high volume shopping and it's good to know the CPSO will be on hand making sure everyone is safe.

Parking lots are dangerous around shopping centers this time of year. Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso explained the Annual Robbery Prevention Mobilization is situated at the Prien Lake Mall and is an effort to deter crime and assist shoppers. Sheriff Mancuso told KPLC, ”We’re there, we’re visible and we’re there for the public’s help.” He continued.“Basically, it’s to prevent crime before it happens."

Sheriff Mancuso wants the public to know deputies will be everywhere at the mall, especially outside patrolling the parking lot in marked CPSO ATVs and patrol cars. Citizens should also be aware that there is a manned CPSO Mobile Command Center in the parking lot corner nearest the Prien Lake and Ernest Street intersection. The objective here says CPSO Commander of Special Services Matt Vezinot is to let criminals know we are here. Vezinot added, our presence “It’s a big deterrent. And to make people feel comfortable coming to the shopping centers around town and shopping.”

So shoppers need to know sheriffs deputies are available to help with anything to ensure all shoppers are safe this holiday season. No matter what, it's good to have them there. Besides you never know when you are going to need a leading hand. Sheriff Mancuso said, “We’ve helped people that can’t start their car get their car started and walked them to their car when it gets dark.” Happy shopping everyone and a safe Christmas!

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