After a few years of being shut down, and suffering hurricanes, the now eyesore of the old Quaker Steak and Lube has been reported to be getting a new owner and name. A post on SWLA Restaurant News and Reviews, plus some comments, made for a pretty clear picture that something new is coming. What is it? Well, it's another Mexican restaurant.

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I am not knocking Mexican food, but Lord have mercy we have a huge variety of them across the SWLA area. This one, however, seems to be special. The restaurant will be named Vejo Tony and is a sister of the famous Leesville Mexico Lindo. It's reported that they will retain the same menu but just have a different name. I remember getting excited about this same situation when El Tapatio opened in Lake Charles when we realized it was the same as El Nopal up in Natchitoches.

The claim by commenters is that it's authentic and amazing. If you're like me, you might roll your eyes at the thought of yet another Mexican-style restaurant coming into town. I only mostly agree. The old Quaker Steak has been down for quite a few years and has become an ugly eyesore for the city. It will hopefully get all spruced up and give another chance for new jobs in the area. No word yet as to when it will open, or when work will begin on the new place.

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