Last night was a bit intense as word began to spread that Notre Dame's Brian Kelly would drag up and head south to LSU to be the Tigers' new head coach. Lots of speculation began to swirl as talks got more intense about the Notre Dame coach would be headed south to coach the Tigers.

LSU made it official today as they scheduled a flight for Kelly down to Baton Rouge. LSU made an announcement on their Twitter page to invite fans out to the airport to greet him as he landed at 2:30 pm today.

LSU worked fast to build their new head coach a heck of a welcome across billboards and social media. The big question, however, is how much are the Tigers actually paying for their new head coach?

The now-former Notre Dame coach's contract will be a total of 10 years at $95 million, extras along the way. When you add in the incentives, his total salary in that 10-year deal could reach over $115 million! Kelly is now the first coach ever to leave Notre Dame in the history of the school since 1936. Kelly's previous salary, although not official, was believed to be in the $5m range per year.

As word began to spread, social media began to spread the news before it was ever truly official. As a result, Kelly sent out a message to his entire team and staff before their scheduled 7:00 am meeting ever happened. He apologized that the first words about his move were not coming from him and that he would give them more information during the meeting.

LSU fans seem to have mixed emotions at the news of their new head coach. Some remark at the fact that he has yet to win a championship, while others try to prove it possible with a more talented team.

Of course, in typical social media fashion, the memes about Kelly have already begun to circulate!


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