Sean Payton get's welcomed back into the New Orleans Saints organization with the task of hiring a new defensive coordinator. Let's look at some of the possible choices ... starting with a coach with three Superbowl rings.

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He was defensive coordinator for three New England Patriot Superbowl winning teams that all used a 3-4 defense like the one the Saints will switch to next year.. How many times have we all heard "defense wins championships?" As a head coach he was not quite as good with a combined 28-55 record at Cleveland and Kansas City. Romeo Crennel still is a great defensive mind and a good candidate.

A former Saints assistant coach (Winston Moss)  is also on the list. He has no experience as a Defensive Coordinator but lots as a assistant head coach/linebackers coach. His experience with Green Bay's aggressive 3-4 scheme has the Saints interest peaked.

We gotta throw an ESPN analyst (Eric Mangini) in the mix. He did spend nine seasons working under Bill Belichick and several as a head coach. He has passed on previous offers to leave the comfort of the booth.

How about someone who won three Superbowl rings as a player? You would think that would give Seattle linebacker coach Ken Norton Jr an edge. He would certainly be respected by the players.

Then there's Ed Donatell. The 49ers secondary coach. He will be in New Orleans next week and the Saints could interview him immediately after the Superbowl. They better move fast if he is the guy because Philly has their eyes on him.

Who ever gets the job has no where to go but up. That won't be good enough for Saints fans though. Saint's fans expect a meteoric rise back to the Superbowl winning style of defense they saw previously. Just a little better won't do. It's a big job for someone with no fear. It probably will not take long for the Saints to fill this position, I'm sure Sean wants to get this behind him and start working toward next season as soon as possible.