It really does pay to be a Cajun Radio Krewe Club member. All the cool people are doing it. Just asked these folks below!

They all signed up for FREE to be part of our Cajun Krewe and now are instant winners of tickets to one of our local festivals.

Edward R. from Lake Charles, Bridgette B. from Vidor, Texas, Diana F. from Lake Charles, Ben T. from Abbeville our our latest Cajun Krewe Club winners.

Each of them entered the contest to win tickets for this weekends Cajun French Music Festival at the Burton Coliseum.  The awesome thing is that all they had to do is use their points that they have accumulated by listening to Cajun Radio!

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks for listening to Cajun Radio and being part of our Krewe!

You could be next!  Sign up today!