The 2012 version of the NFL draft begins tonight.  This is where all 32 NFL franchises get a chance to draft top college players to their teams.

Andrew Luck is expected to be the first pick in the NFL draft going to the Indianapolis Colts especially after Peyton Manning is now with the Denver Broncos, while Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin the 3rd or RG3 is expected to go to the Washington Redskins.

There are a couple LSU Tigers in the mix to possibly go in the top 15.

Here are the teams who have the Top 10 picks in the NFL Draft:

1      Indianapolis Colts

2      Washington Redskins

3      Minnesota Vikings

4      Cleveland Browns

5      Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6      St. Louis Rams

7      Jacksonville Jaguars

8      Miami Dolphins

9      Carolina Panthers

10    Buffalo Bills


The first round picks will begin at 7pm tonight and will be televised live on ESPN.

LSU Cornerback Morris Claiborne is expected to be drafted in the Top 5.

Michael Brockers  a defensive Tackle with LSU is expected to be picked in the Top 15.


I know what your wondering, Where is the Saints first pick?


Well the Saints won't even be in the mix tonight for the first round.  The Saints don't have a pick until the 3rd round or the # 89th pick!

Now with that being said, Will you be watching the NFL Draft tonight?