So now that it is the lenten season, we all will be descending on seafood places and restaurants to get our seafood fixes.

For me, my favorite is boiled crawfish.  So we took to Facebook and took your calls and asked, "Who has the Best Crawfish In Southwest Louisiana".

Comments poured in over Facebook and we were flooded by your phone calls about where to get the best boiled crawfish.

Crayfish Corn Potatoes Shell Fish Piled High Cajun Crawfish Bowl
Getty Images/iStockphoto

We compiled your top 5 and here are your top picks.

#5 --  Poole's Boil N Go -- Crochet Rd in Hayes, La

#4 -- Cody's Crawfish Shop -- Cypress St in Sulphur, La

#3 -- Mac's Crawfish -- Broad Street In Lake Charles, La

#2 -- Pousson's Crawfish -- Common Street in Lake Charles, La

#1 --  Heinen’s Crawfish Boil & Go -- University Drive Lake Charles, La

Did yours make the list?

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