Yesterday was national signing day for High School football players.  This is where highly recruited players decide where they want to take their talents to play college football.

Well yesterday, the #5 ranked wide out player in the country Jacob Copeland made his selection much to the dismay of his mom.

Let me set the scene for this video your about to watch.  Copeland was sitting in front of a table with his friends and family. In front of Jacob where three baseball caps from Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

His mom is seated just to the left of him in a Alabama sweatshirt.  It also looks like she had a Tennessee colored beanie on also so I guess she was hoping he would pick one of those two schools.

Jacob announced his selection would be the Florida Gators and as soon as he did his mother got up, gathered her things looking pretty pissed and walked off. After she left reporters started asking Jacob why she left and here was his response.

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