One of my favorite genres on YouTube is watching people eat insane amounts of food, and this little bitty woman is one of the best.

Her name is Raina Huang and I first saw her eat with one of my favorite YouTube competitive eaters Joel Hansen. I was so impressed by the amount of food so could consume in one sitting, it was shocking.

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She also did an amazing video collab with Joel and another one of my favorite YouTube competitive eaters Randy Santel. Randy and Joel are heavy hitters in this genre and Raina held her ground with these beasts.

Just to show how crazy talented she is, in the video below she ate nine pounds of food.  HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THIS LITTLE WOMAN HAVE ROOM FOR NINE POUNDS OF FOOD IN HER BODY?!

One of my favorite foods on this planet is sushi. A few months ago I went to Sushi Masa in Lafayette and ordered their all-you-can-eat sushi. My son, who is a defensive lineman for Sam Houston High, and I were only able to put down about eight plates total and we were hitting it hard so the dreaded "food wall" wouldn't stop us cold in our did anyway.

In the video below, Raina eats 35 plates, a rice bowl, a ramen bowl, and three desserts.  She's an absolute animal:

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