File this under the category of, Oh Heck NO! If you live in Southwest Louisiana chances are you have driven over the I-10 bridge a time or two. We have been told for years that the bridge is unsafe and a new one is going to be built.

We are still all waiting for that but in the meantime, If you think the Lake Charles I-10 bridge is scary and dangerous, hold our beer and watch this video.

There is a bridge in Japan that makes the I-10 bridge look like the best bridge in the world.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This bridge is located in Sakaiminato Japan and is known as the roller coaster bridge.  This bridge is about one mile wide and 44 meters tall which is around 144 feet tall. It is one of the tallest bridges in the world.

What makes this bridge terrifying is the angle at which you have to drive up this steep thing.  The bridge was built in 2004.

When you drive over this bridge, you have to make a very steep climb up the bridge before you get on top where you have a terrifying descent down the other side of the bridge. It looks like the bridge is broken on with side depending on which way you are coming from.

Would you drive over this thing?  Well, get ready as we are about to take you across the roller coaster bridge for a ride.  Buckle up. The pucker factor is extremely high at a 10+.

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