Do you guys remember the last time something strange happened during the course of an NFL game? No, I don't mean the blown calls made by the officiating crew but you know something that wasn't really a part of the game but took on a story bigger than the game itself?

Well, if my feeble memory serves me right, the last time we had such a stink in the NFL was during a Superbowl game and it involved what is now known as a wardrobe malfunction. In fact, the phrase, wardrobe malfunction, is now a part of our normal speech. It has been used to describe everything from a quick flash of unmentionables to full-frontal nudity.

CBS Sports HQ via YouTube
CBS Sports HQ via YouTube

But in the case of last nights' Sunday Night NFL matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Chargers, it was more of a bodily function malfunction and not a malfunction of the wardrobe kind.

Just take a listen to the audio associated with the video below.


I do declare that sounded as if someone pooted.

Now, think back to your time as a semi-professional child, what's the first thing you are required to do when a fart sound is heard? That's right, you've got to figure out who dealt it.

Speculation on social media has been all over the place. There are some that swear it had to be the Center for the Steelers. One viewer speculated in this longer version of the video above that the Guard next to the Center actually reaches over and slaps the guy on the butt.

Here, see what you think. By the way, there are some NSFW comments listed in the Tweet below, just wanted you to know before you passed this around.


Incidentally, the Chargers wound up gassing the Steelers in last night's game. The final score was Los Angeles 41 and Pittsburgh 37. There have been no comments from either team or NBC, the network that broadcasts the games, concerning the ill-timed toot.

Now if this had been the Tampa Bay Buccanneers playing then the toot sound would have been easily explained. We all know that's the sound a football makes when Tom Brady cheats and squeezes the air out of them. No, I won' let go of that. And there's no need for you to be feeling so smug, you just read a story about a fart.

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