So, I thought this was funny and I wanted to share this with all of you.  Yesterday, I was in the Cajun Radio studio and was recording my sports report for our sister stations Gator 99.5 and 92.9 The Lake when the processing of my voice just went haywire in the program and made me sound like Sylvester the cat  from Looney Tunes cartoon fame!  Suffering succotash is all I will say!

We have a recording program we use that we can process the sound of our voice and edit our recording because face it, after 24 years of being in radio I still mess up!  Well, you will hear in this recording that the processing put a major emphasis on when I use a word starting with an "S".  When I listened to it back, I cracked up laughing and said I am a cartoon character!

Let me stress -- I was talking normally when I recorded this.  One little knob was out of whack, and it made me sound like this:

Holy smokes, right?