I remember the first time I experienced some of the most irritating species I have ever run across. I had never seen them in Mississippi, nor during my time in Alabama, even though they were there, apparently. I would later find out they were called Love Bugs. But believe me, there is absolutely nothing to love about them.

If you have been in Louisiana for any time now, you have had your encounters with the infamous insects. They love to hang around the hood of your vehicle, which I am inclined to believe is their kryptonite. I have had to almost do a run-and-dash to get in my car to make sure none of them get in my car before me.

They are hell on a paint job if they stay on there too long, and they are truly just some irritable insects. What we all want to know is what is the purpose of the Love Bug? There is no purpose. They usually come out late April and May, also during the summer in late August and September. They usually stay out for four to five weeks at a time.

In Florida, they may have a smaller flight in December. If you have a fresh paint job on your car, truck or even home, they are coming for you. They are attracted to light-colored surfaces and freshly painted objects. At the end of the day, they are coming, so you need to prepare yourself. Don't get so caught up in enjoying this extra hour of sunlight that they mess up your day.

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