New places to eat are beginning to pop back up as Lake Charles continues to rebuild and rise from the ashes after a detrimental year. We are seeing some eateries move locations, totally rebuild, and some just brand new places we haven't even heard of.

I started hearing rumors of a new place popping up in Lake Charles, but just like most rumors, I took it with a grain of salt. It appears now the rumors are indeed true after a Facebook post I ran across last night. What we used to know as the City Market on Dr. DeBakey Drive will now be called The James 710. The 710 comes from the address of the actual building on the road. The owner of the new place is no stranger to Lake Charles.

Ben Herrara moved to Lake Charles and opened up DeAngelo's Pizzeria in 2001 with a partner. Sadly, the building burned to the ground years later, but that didn't stop Herrara. It was rebuilt, opened back up, and later would change the name to what we know now as 121 Artisian Bistro. Fun fact, the 121 is also the address of the building. In the middle of the pandemic, Herrara made a move not many business people would even dream of doing. He and another partner bought another restaurant. They purchased Calla, as it was struggling to stay alive from COVID-19 restrictions. They were able to tough it out and get it back up and running as the restrictions began to lessen in Louisiana.

Now, Herrara is back in action and opening a new place to enjoy a bite to eat. The City Market and Deli also fell to the demise of COVID-19, but Herrara told Best of SWLA he always loved the building because of its unique look. Once again, Herrara and a partner have purchased the building and named it The James 710. 710 refers to, of course, the address of the building while James is a nod to Herrara's grandfather. The new place will feature American and Louisiana cuisine with a unique dining atmosphere. I have heard it will have an open-style kitchen so you can see what is going on behind the scenes. No word yet as to when The James 710 will open, but they have already hired a Louisiana native, Wesley Miller, as their head chef.

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