WHAT IS NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)? - It is a security alliance of 30 countries from North America to Europe.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF NATO? - It was formed in 1949 with the purpose to guarantee freedom and security for all its members by political and military means.

POLITICAL - NATO encourages democratic values. This allows for all its members to work together through consultation and cooperation to solve problems around to globe on various defense and security issues. The main goal is to build trust and prevent conflict.

MILITARY - NATO is committed to maintaining world peace and finding a resolution to disputes through diplomatic efforts. If diplomacy efforts fail, NATO has a plan in place that enables it to use its military power to take on international crisis-management operations. This measure is a collective defense clause, in cooperation with other countries and international organizations, known as Article 5 (NATO's founding treaty.)

15 Ways You Can Help People in Ukraine Right Now

As Americans watch events unfold in Ukraine, many wonder how they can help. Below is a list of organizations responding to the crisis in Ukraine along with information on how you can support their various missions. 

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