Those who know football will tell you that most games are not won on game day. They are won on the practice field based on the effort and energy put in by players and coaches to prepare to win on game day. While most fans of the game love talking about winning, it's the losses that make football the emotional game that it is.

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And, just like wins, not all losses come on the field. The Dallas Cowboys organization and team owner Jerry Jones have just announced a very devastating loss to that organization. The team has announced the passing of Jones' long time personal assistant Marylyn Love.

Whether you love or hate the Cowboys or share similar feelings about Jerry Jones if you have any shred of human decency you can feel the emotion of this loss.

In a statement released by Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, he remembered Love and her contributions to the team and to his family this way.

This is a loss that everyone in my family, everyone in the Dallas Cowboys family, feels. Marylyn was not only my executive assistant, but she was my advisor, my confidant, my best friend and a cherished member of our family. We all mourn together with her family; a family we all hold very close to our hearts.

Marylyn Love was such an important part of the Cowboys' "team" she was even mentioned by Deion Sanders in his NFL Hall of Fame induction speech.

Which by the way, is one of the most amazing, impressive, and inspirational Hall of Fame speeches that I have ever heard.

In that speech, Sanders spoke of Love's dedication to the team and to Jerry Jones by saying,

Marylyn covering for Jerry [Jones] was the greatest cover corner in the NFL.

Jones in his statement on Love's passing called her his rock, his voice, his calm in the storm for more than 40 years. Which is truly an impressive run. How many other people do you know that have been able to live through the ups and downs of Jerry World for more than 4 decades?

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The Dallas Morning News reports that Love left an Oklahoma law firm to join Jerry Jones before he ever purchased the Dallas Cowboys. She often recounted that decision to begin working with Jones as "life-changing".

I can recall personally from days working in the Dallas market that many reporters who covered the Cowboys spoke of "getting past Marylyn" to get to Jerry was some of the toughest defense ever played at Valley Ranch, which was the Cowboys home for the longest time.  The Cowboys have since moved their headquarters and facilities to Frisco Texas and The Star. 

The cause of Love's death has not been revealed nor have final arrangements been made or announced for those wishing to pay their final respects.

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