Zydeco is headed to Texas in the hands of Wayne Toups. With concerts in purgatory throughout Louisiana, Texas seems to be the hot spot to see live music. There was a time when we could all go inside to watch live music, but that seems to be a thing of the past for a little while longer.

Toups is headed to Silsbee for a live show at Honky Tonk Texas. The venue has been cranking out shows for a few weeks now and has a full schedule that is being updated regularly. Toups is one of those shows, and he will be performing on January 30. Tickets are on pre-sale currently for $20 and are considered to be general admission. Seating and tables are all first-come, first-served in the venue. You can get your own tickets on pre-sale at the Outhouse Ticket website or take a chance and buy one at the door for $25 the day of the show.

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