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Most of us have been there. A pounding head, a sour stomach, a fuzzy tongue, and fatigue. You know the feeling. You could walk, but crawling to the bathroom sounds like a better bet. That last round of shots SEEMED like a good idea. Now, you're franticly checking your phone to make sure you didn't call or text anyone inappropriate and you're also checking your bank balance to make sure you didn't really buy all those rounds. What would you do to skip the consequences of a hard night of partying?

According to a new study from, the average Louisiana resident would pay $83 for an instant miraculous totally hypothetical hangover cure. FYI, the national average is $42. Of course, we all know that the only way to avoid a hangover is not to drink, but that doesn't stop us. In fact, in another one of their surveys, asked respondents what they would give up if they never had to experience a hangover again and 36% said they'd pay more for their spirits, while 32% said they'd give up sports. Obviously, those folks weren't from Louisiana! I did have to giggle when I saw this response though. 20% of wine drinkers said they'd do laundry for the whole house forever to avoid hangovers. 

All this begs the question, how much would you pay to never have to say, 'I'm never drinking again,' after saying, 'We'll just go out for one,' the night before? Inquiring minds want to know!


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