You are almost done getting dressed, you reach for your keys, and hit that fancy remote start button. You will not be a peasant today by entering a cold car, no sir. It cranks over and you sigh a breath of relief because you know by the time you get out there, it will be warm and pleasant.

Now, what you have just done is committed a crime in the state of Louisiana. I have heard of other states with the law stating you are not allowed to let your vehicle idle unattended, but how could that possibly be the case in the great state of Louisiana? I was in shock! We can literally drive through a place and get alcohol, but we can't let our vehicles warm up or cool down?

Can I warm my car up unattended in Louisiana?

Section 145 Unattended motor vehicles

No person driving or in charge of any motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the motor, locking the ignition, removing the key, and effectively setting the brake thereon, and, when standing upon any grade, turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the highway.

Can I get a ticket for warming up my car unattended?

Now, this is a law dating back to 1962, and most of the time, with remote start, our keys are never in the vehicle but it is idling away, ready to warm our buns. I decided to call some of my law enforcement contacts about this little law. The ones I talked to did confirm it is illegal, but more than likely it will not mean you will get a ticket.

Will this new little tidbit of info keep you from getting into a cold or too hot car? I can tell you with no doubt it will not stop me. The old Dodge got remote started this morning as I was getting dressed. Personally, I like hearing the turbo spool up when it's extra cold outside. If that gets me a ticket, then I would also be due for way more with everything else that's been done to it. Sorry, EPA.

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