You know when they say "when you gotta go, you gotta go?" This Door Dash employee took it a little too literally perhaps. Here at the radio station, we tend to get some questionable characters running around along the interstate, but I don't believe we have ever had this incident happen to my knowledge.

Last Friday, a lady decided to order food for her apartment as we all do on a lazy Friday night. She received her food and the delivery driver left. Except the driver left without something, or perhaps left a present behind as she made her way back out to the lobby.

In the security footage, you can see the driver tiptoe up to the trashcan in the lobby, and proceed to make another delivery. The problem is, her delivery was a little sloppy and didn't quite make it all the way into the trash can. You can see some skid marks as she moves away from the trash can and then proceeds to take her shirt off. Guess she got a little poo on her sweater.

The lady that ordered the food contacted Door Dash and they apologized plus refunded her money and tip plus gave her an additional $20 gift card. I guess that's the price that trash can poos are going for these days. The entire scenario is gross in itself, but it gets worse when you think that she probably left there to go and deliver more food elsewhere down the road.

DoorDash did respond to the video and confirmed that the delivery driver is no longer a delivery driver. With the way the world is going, she probably got promoted to a supervisor, or would that be pooper-visor?

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