The technology we have as consumers just never cease to amaze me. I can remember the first drone I bought with a buddy of mine way back years ago. I thought we had made it and that our photography business was just going to make millions because we had one. Of course, that didn't happen. Here we are living in 2022 and we can fly a little drone in the air and sit there to capture almost anything. Trenton LaBiche did just that with a time-lapse of a storm rolling into the Iowa area.

It is mesmerizing as it gathers itself and works its way around the city. You can even see some perfect lightning bolts shoot down. I have probably watched this video over a dozen times, each time being more in awe than the first. Trenton said in his post that he did his best to stabilize the drone as he did a hyper-lapse of the developing storm. I think he did an amazing job capturing the power of the weather around us.

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