Yesterday got a bit sketchy around parts of Lake Charles, which included the last of the Honky Tonks called Mary's Lounge. As the storm rolled in, the old bar stood strong but the power was a different story. As most of the area lost power from the wind and hail, so did Mary's Lounge. The band playing, Alfred Doucet, of course, stopped for a bit as the rest of the customers opened the doors to let in some light and a breeze.

Marys Lounge No Power

The band gathered around the corner of the bar as the bass player, Wayne Wilson of WilPro services and Upscale Productions spoke up.

If some one brings me in a truck, we can go get a generator and the shop and keep playing

Off they went to get the generator!

Marys Lounge No Power

As time passed, most of the customers agreed that the power would come back on at some point, right? 45 minutes later, the bar heard that traumatizing sound of a generator firing up, and then the pop and sizzle of amplifiers turning on. There may not have been electricity, but the band was going to play either way!

Next thing you know, you hear the kick drum and the rest of the band followed right on in. They were back in business. Only at Mary's lounge would it happen, I don't know that I would have believed it happening anywhere else but at the last of the honky tonks!

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