In the list of food items I can promise I will never purchase, I have just added two more lines to it. Vegan gumbo and vegan jambalaya. Now before you get ahead of me and think I am about to start knocking vegans and certain health and food lifestyles, let me get one thing straight. I will, but all in good fun! We need a laugh from time to time so take a breath, vegan, I am sure you will comment at the end of this article and remind us that you are vegan after reading this!

Running through Facebook this morning while drinking coffee, I ran across this random picture of a container for a gumbo mix.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Low Sodium, No MSG, All Natural

That's the notes on the package. In my opinion, they could have said "no happiness inside", but I guess that wouldn't be a very good marketing plan. The package has the ability to serve 12 and comes with a recipe to follow along with. Essentially you boil water, throw the package in and serve. That's right, the rice for your gumbo is already in the package. That means no roux, no trinity, but has tomatoes. Now, the ingredients do show that it has onions, garlic, green onions, file', and black pepper. So at least they are partially on the right path.

I realize not everyone around the world is as skilled at cooking rice as we are, but can you really call it a gumbo if you cook it with the rice already in it? I will add that they do offer a non-vegan recipe on the back that serves 4. However, they only call for 3/4 of a pound of sausage and 1/4 pound of shrimp.

The jambalaya is pretty much the same ingredients, but for some reason, they added in carrots and green bell peppers. It still has tomatoes in it. The recipe for their Jambalaya does offer a non-vegan-friendly side with adding diced chicken to it.

Seeing things like this just makes me wonder if people in other places buy this, try and cook it, hate it, and think we just eat horrible food. Then I think, we do the same thing here for food around us and hate their food when we cook it down here. Of course, we hate it because they just don't know how to cook, right?

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