Does anyone really know how to play this game? I have been playing it since elementary school and still don't really know exactly how to play. Typically, you show up and the deck gets broken out when suddenly you have to go into negotiations of what rules you'll play by for the night. They're never the same, and they probably never will be. I even remember a time when we would play with five random decks combined with random playing cards.

It seems the game we have no idea how to play is turning 50 years old this month. To celebrate their anniversary, they have decided to introduce some really retro-looking decks that will take you way back. There is for sure a true '70s style deck with western style coloring, a retro arcade, retro gaming DOT Matrix type, and more. I'm looking the prices up on them because let's be honest, I've never actually bought the game before in my life. Target has them for less than six bucks, so it's worth the investment for some retro, alcohol-based arguments at your next gathering at home.

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