This house deep in the Northern Michigan woods looks like something straight out of "The Blair Witch Project" movie.

Adventurers discover a creepy, deserted house deep in the backwoods and find handprints on the wall that are reminiscent of the ones seen in the 'Blair Witch' film.

This house was found in the deep Michigan woods that surround Bear Lake in Bear Lake Township, Manistee County.

The village of Bear Lake was founded around 1864 and became a booming lumber town around 1874. As with most other Michigan lumber towns, once the trees were all cut, the businesses were cut as well. But Bear Lake managed to survive and is a popular summer tourist location.

There is a mysterious side to the area as well, with undiscovered Native American burial grounds and local stories about ghosts. You can read the ghost stories that Bear Lake residents have related by here.

Check out the photo gallery below which shows the handprints, skulls, and the house inside and out.

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