Based on three social measures of educational attainment, poverty rate, and life expectancy, two parishes in Louisiana made this list of the worst counties to live in.

Both parishes are in the northeastern reaches of the state though, so everyone in South Louisiana can go ahead and relax right now. We didn’t make the cut.

Madison Parish came in at #16, with a poverty rate of 38.4% and an unemployment rate of 8.0% affecting everything from life expectancy to a lack of health insurance. The average life expectancy in the parish is 72.1 years.

East Carroll Parish took the #2 spot on the list, (McDowell County in West Virginia is officially the worst in the country), with a terrifying poverty rate of 48%, which is three times the national rate and the 3rd highest of any county in America. Education is also pretty bad, with only 1 in every 10 adults having at least a bachelor’s degree, and unemployment is three times higher than the national average, at 10.5%.

Keep up the good work, South Louisiana! Let’s try and stay off this list again next year.

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